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Extension Services

The S.P.P. College has been rendering service to the society of the greater Namti area in different aspects since its inception.

Play School :

‘Holy Kids’ a play school was introduced within the college campus in 2013 under the supervision of the Department of Education. The school has adopted a curriculum designed for all round development of children belonging to the age group of two to four years. For details contact the coordinator Mrs. Amiya Mahanta, Lecturer, Department of Education or Syeda Semima Farhana, instructor of the play school.

Pubali Art and Music school :

Under the banner of the Women Cell of the college, an Art and Music School has been successfully running since 2006. The school offers training in Art, Music and Dance under the supervision of experienced instructors for the aspirants both from the college and greater Namti area. For admission details interested persons may contact the convenor Mrs. Amiya Mahanta & Sehida Khatoon, Associate Professor, Department of Education and Sociology respectively.

Library :

The college library is open for not only college students but also for the inhabitants of the greater Namti area who are allowed to borrow books against the library card issued to them for a certain period of time.

Gymnasium Hall :

The Gymnasium Hall of the college is open for not only college students but also inhabitants of the greater Namti area. They can practice in the college gym at the practice hour.