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Students' Union :

The SPP College Students’ Union is a general body comprising of the bonafide students of the college. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted into the college. The office-bearers of the Union are elected annually through elections.
College Magazine :

The college publishes an annual magazine with contributions from the students and teachers and employees of the College. Besides this, several departments have their own periodicals, wall magazines and College News.
Scout and Guide :

Scout and Guides’ activity has been introduced in the college since 2004 – 05 in the wake of state Government’s decision to make it compulsory for all educational institutions in the state. For further information on ‘Scout and Guides’ the students may contact the coordinators Sunil Kumar Dutta, Asssistant Professor Department of Geography and Mrs. Nilakshi Saikia, Asssistant Professor Department of Assamese.
National Service Scheme (NSS) :

The NSS Wing of the college is very much vibrant with various activities like campus beautification, social service in nearby villages, field activities, health awareness programmes, camps, etc. For further information on NSS, the students may contact the coordinators Ramen Baruah, Asssistant Professor Department of English.
Excursion :

Educational tours are arranged for students under the guidance of concerned teachers. Concessions on railway tickets are offered to the students for educational tours outside Assam.

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