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Free Admission

A candidate seeking admission into H.S 1st year (Arts)/ 2nd year (Arts) and B.A 1st/ 3rd Semester classes whose parental income is less than 1 lakh from all sources may be eligible for free admission if Government declares. These students will have to submit :

  1. Income Certificate from local Revenue Circle Officer/Mauzadar.
  2. A declaration that their parents (father/mother) is not an employee of State/Central government or its undertaking.
  3. These students have to plant a sapling at his/her college/home and submit the photograph of the planted sapling to the college before admission.
  4. The H/S 2nd year (Arts) and B. A 3rd semester students, whose parental income is less than 1 lakh, they will get fee waived except magazine fees, Games & Sport Fees, and College Week fees at the time of admission. However, the students must apply in the prescribed admission form which may be collected from the college office on payment Rs. 100 only.