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Mission & Vision

Swahid Peoli Phukan College, Namti emerged as the milestone in the field of higher education in greater Namti under the auspices of the founder Principal Sri Durgadhar Bora and a group of visionary persons in 1970. The College has a history of 48 years of dedicated service towards creating awareness in the neighbourhood and developing infrastructure and facilities for imparting education in this historic region.

Now the college fraternity in association with all the stakeholders is preparing to celebrate its Golden Jubilee from 14th November, 2019 to 14th November, 2020.

This institution was established in a rural ambience and has withstood the test of time. During these eventful years, Swahid Peoli Phukan College has carved a niche for itself in the field of higher education with special emphasis on need of the hour. Apart from interactive classroom facilities, the college has been dedicated to creating an inspirational environment for learning through extracurricular activities and educational tours.

This institution has been named after the glorious memory of Swahid Peoli Phukan, known as one of the earliest martyrs of Indian freedom movement. A highly qualified and devoted group of teaching staff of the college has been relentlessly trying to motivate and empower the students to mould themselves as true human resource and contribute to social harmony and all round development of the society.

The Swahid Peoli Phukan College fraternity is looking forward to realizing the collective dream of establishing this institution as a nurturing ground for a hopeful future for the generations to come and to prove to the world the worth and capability that this institution can develop in the students.